New Nashers - Enlighten Teeth Whitening Review

So I had a lot of problems with my teeth when I was younger and I pretty much had a fang that stuck out of my lips. I had 4 teeth taken out and braces for 2 years! Then I had to wear retainers for a long time at night to keep them in place. Quite a few years on, I had my wisdom tooth taken out a year ago, and this year I had some more work done. I was contacted by Enlighten, a company that offers proper dentist teeth bleaching, something I have always been interested in and asked about but never actually done. I had a look at the website and decided that I would be happy to go through the process. The did warn me that it would be a long process, but that it lasts for a very long time and is way more effective than over the counter type treatments. 

This treatment is only available at selected private dentists so you have to find the one nearest to you, luckily I had already been to this private surgery so I knew it well. The first step is a once-over, so I went to have a chat with the dentist and he looked at my teeth. They have to make sure that they are in prime condition before they start the treatment to get the best outcome. Unfortunately, I needed two fillings before I could start the treatment, so I booked in to have those done and also had my two front teeth filed down to make all of the front row in a straight line on the bottom. 

After these were done I was booked in for my first appointment to take the moulds of my teeth I had to bite down on a tray filled with purple goo and hold it there, it was pretty cold! I was then given the blue toothpaste which is a desensitizing gel, to use for two weeks while I waited for my moulds to be made and delivered. The gel is there to help prepare your teeth for the bleaching as it can be quite painful to some people if you have sensitive teeth anyway. 

My moulds were delivered to the dentist and I went to pick them up with a little package too. I had a box containing all of the instructions, some desensitizing swabs, and two syringes with two different strength gels in them. For the first week, I used the 10% gel and you have to squeeze it into the trays and wear them all night. It does feel a bit cold and funny but it's not too uncomfortable at all. The first week was okay and I didn't really see much sensitivity to be honest. For the second week, I used the other 16% strength gel and this one was where the sensitivity started! It was a little to start, like drinking cold water or breathing in cold air too fast, but there was one day that it was so bad I couldn't touch paper or breathe or talk properly! Now I do have quite sensitive teeth anyway so this doesn't happen to everyone! But to deal with it I just filled the trays with the desinsitizing gel toothpaste and sat with them in for a couple of hours before then putting the bleaching gel in at bedtime. 

Even with the sensitivity, I contacted the dentist and they were really great about it. They invited me in for a 10-minute appointment to paint on some cover stuff (literally no idea what it was) that stops it being so bad. It was only a few more days until my last session in the dentist so it wasn't too bad. 

The last session is a 1 hour appointment where you have two intense bleaching trays done. You aren't allowed to take these ones home because the concentration of the bleach is too high. The dentist fills the trays and you have a tube that sucks all the dribble out your mouth (ew) while they are in. Two 20 minute sessions and then your teeth are completely done! 

I wasn't sure what to expect with the results if I'm honest and I wasn't banking on it being too much whiter, but guess what..... 

My teeth went a whole shade whiter! My teeth weren't that bad to start with so they were measured at a 1M 1. This is one of the lightest shades you can get with natural teeth. After the bleaching, they are now at 0M 1 which is actually a Veneer shade of white and cannot normally be achieved on natural teeth. Safe to say I was pretty damn happy! 

They do say that the whiteness will fade a little but that's only natural. I do think they aren't too far off now a few weeks on though as in photos of myself and even in the mirror I can just see them sparkle which I love! (p.s the photo above I have NOT edited my teeth I have just brightened the whole image). The great thing is that you can buy the gel and the toothpaste again as you keep your trays, so if you want to add some more whitening gel at home you can!

You can find the Enlighten Teeth Whitening website here:

Find the website for my dentist in Southampton:

Thankyou so much to Enlighten for the opportunity to have my teeth done! I'm so so so happy with how white they are and would highly recommend the treatment!