Discovering Laura Mercier

Luxury beauty is something I like to keep up with from an outsider point of view, but have never bought into, as the products are just a little too expensive for my liking. I always wonder how they are different to say, a foundation from Boots. My logical brain says "thats way too much just get Rimmel" every time I step near the John Lewis concessions. But for some reason, the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder had caught my attention. Previously, for the Love Island Afterparty a makeup artist had used this on my face (as well as a monthly wage worth of other products) and I thought maybe it was something I could add to my makeup bag. I also love watching bloggers do their makeup in their Youtube Videos, just in their daily vlogs, so nothing too fancy and this product kept cropping up. 

I headed to John Lewis in West Quay, decided how I wanted to apply it and got the powder and the brush. They only do two shades, translucent and medium/deep and even though I'm tanned, I'm definitely not the darker shade. I opted for the Laura Mercier Fan Brush, just because I felt like a light dusting would be just right and even though it's a highlighter brush, who says you can't come up with your own techniques, right? 

I was so scared to use it for fear of dropping it everywhere or doing it wrong, but surprisingly, I've actually done okay with it! It has a really soft texture that feels like it dissolves into your makeup rather than sitting on top of it and it brushes on so light with the fan brush, just the way I wanted it. For just under £30 this is definitely more at the higher end of makeup, but as far as I can tell it is going to last a good while and I only have to add more powder to the top of it every 4 ish days, so it doesn't disappear too fast. The fan brush is the perfect size and I can get into all parts of my face e.g. around my nose or by my hair. 

I would definitely recommend it as a staple makeup bag item, even though it is a little more pricey it is way less cakey than some of the other more high street options. If you have any other makeup staples you think I should know about then please let me know! I feel like upgrading my makeup is a good idea now ....