Regenere 3D: Curing My Acne with Science!

It's no shock to everyone that my skin has never been great, continues to be a problematic toddler and likes to flit between breakout and a sweaty mess throughout the duration of my busy life! Not ideal. I have been on medication for my acne, tried all sorts of creams from natural and holistic to medicated, and even high street ones. Some of them make it better for a week or so but then it breaks out again and I look like a Dominos pizza.

Last year was a really down time for me, yes I was on TV but that was the worst my skin has ever EVER been (was it a sign?) and I was SO self conscious. I had makeup on the whole time and wouldn't get my face wet in the pool incase they showed a close up of my face. Turns out they showed nothing of me but still hey ho ......

As well as the acne, I also have pigmentation and parts of my face are red and parts are pale, just rubbing salt in the wound really. I also have one eye smaller than the other and my eyelid hangs over and makes it look EVEN smaller. So when I was offered the opportunity to try a scientifically proven product from the USA I thought hey what have I got to lose!

Turns out science is actually pretty clever.....

Stem cells are these crazy little things that live in your body and regenerate whatever is needed, for example new skin, curing illness and loads more science-y stuff. Regenere3D is a revolutionary new product that carries live stem cells, so that when you apply the product, it regenerates the stem cells in your own body and promotes regret and repair of your skin. Its like a corrector and a preventer in 1, correcting any blemishes or skin conditions and preventing them from returning by repairing the cells. 

Now here is where it gets even crazier.... the technology was developed by scientists at NASA. YEAH. I'm basically putting space on my face. It's a purely boutique product with over 12 years of experience behind it and a hell of a portfolio. If you don't believe me just have a scroll through their website! The research and results speak for themselves. 

The first application of the product is the most important, and the next 14 days will be life changing in your skin, you will physically see it get better. I know what you're thinking, yeah right Ellisha you're lying we all know it. But seriously I'm not, just TRY it! I gave it a go and took some 'before' photos:

These are NOT edited and have all be taken by me at home!! I lathered on the first application of the product and waited for the 25 minutes recommended. It had a slight tingle to it but that's the cream activating in my skin. 

I put on a thick layer so it felt quite thick but it's pretty lightweight for a strong cream! I waited the set amount of time then followed the instructions and rubbed off he cream. It sure enough, came off in little lumps as well as some of the dead skin it managed to muster up! I rubbed it all and then wiped it off with a hot flannel, don't dab, just wipe! It will bring more of the cream and the dead skin off. 

That was just the first application, then came the next 14 days. I used the cream every day and night, applying in the morning before putting on my makeup, then about and hour before bed to let it sink in before I laid on my face. I didn't really see my change day to day but that's because I look at my face all day. 

My best friend did however say my skin was "glowing" and I hadn't even told her I was using the cream (and that is the honest truth I swear). I kept using it constantly and realised after a while that I hadn't had any kind of outbreak in my skin. No huge spots, no mount Vesuvius and no ruining weekends because my skin was bad. I have literally no other explanation than the fact I am using the cream. Nothing else about my life has changed and if I'm honest I have probably eaten more crappy food than normal due to being so busy. 

So here's the final outcome! I have less spots, smoother skin and it has a lot more bounce to it. Some of the pigmentation has gone down and my skin does have more of a glow to it. The acne scars have gone down slightly but to be honest it's only been 14 days! I'm super excited to see what it's like after another month!! 

I am not part of the luxury skincare club and I love it. There are so many different lotions and potions and you don't really know what goes into it, but this is explicitly made using plant stem cells and I'm not going to stop using it any time soon!

Feel free to see the website at Regenere3D and see all of the other before and afters too!

Use my discount code SOUTHAMPTON to get 25% OFF your first order and if you want a tester just to try it? Send me a message and I will grab you one! ALWAYS free worldwide shipping too!! 

Lets start your skin journey!

*this post is sponsored but all images and opinions are my own*