The Shopping PA In My Pocket

I’m not someone who goes shopping very often if I’m honest, so when I do go I like it to be simple and beneficial to me rather than just browsing. I love a good bargain or a discount, but without the love of browsing, it find it hard to see all of the deals in different places without trekking through every shop. That’s where the JISP app comes in.

They have devised a brand new way to get all of the discounts you could want in one place, right in your pocket. The JISP app helps shoppers find exclusive discounts in all of your favourite shops so you can pick the ones you want to go to right away. I attended their Southampton launch event and they had some great areas to learn about the app. 

With a supermarket sweep we got to play the game using the app and look at all areas. We also got to see how easy it was to scan products linked with the app and gain rewards by collecting a certain amount. The app is already in full swing with so many stores in Southampton on board, including Ernest Jones, Krispy Kreme, Sunglass Hut, Casa Brasil and TGI Friday’s. From restaurants to clothes there’s a discount for everything!

As well as discounts, there are also competitions to win prizes all from a button on your phone, plus notifications for discounts and offers at your favourite places. The app knows what I want before I do … which is dangerous for my bank account!! 

Take a look for yourself and download the JISP App here