Style Edit: Getting in Tune With My Goals for 2021


It’s been a really strange year for pretty much everyone (except maybe a remote tribe on a deserted island somewhere?) and it got me thinking about what I’ve learned about myself.

I saw something on someone’s Instagram story about Self-Respect and that at times doing the things you don’t want to do, build discipline and character. If lockdown has taught me one thing, it’s to take your self discipline seriously. There’s (normally) no excuse for not having done the work, or feeling productive apart from pure laziness. 

Having had my own businesses for five years, I always thought that I was working at capacity, but I was only working to the capacity I wanted to, not what I could actually do. 

That plus one of my favourite people to follow, Jade Dunkerton (Holland Cooper) having basically had a baby and gone back to work full time the next day, I kind of feel like I’ve been lacking somewhat. The ideas haven’t at all, but the execution of them hasn’t been 100% and this is where I want things to change. 

*Outfit wise, I have really been enjoying wearing loungewear daily, and styling up joggers too, mixing them with other styles. I'm getting used to this whole WFH-but-also-need-to-leave-the-house vibe too HA! The Marble joggers are giving me all of the cosy-WFH but Kardashian vibes and I'm feeling it. The houndstooth jumper I can dress up smart with a shirt or as a lounge jumper with leggings and trainers.

Firstly, I spend way too much time on my phone!!!!! I know everyone says this but I can lose hours in Instagram or blogs and call it ‘research’ because technically in some ways it is. But what I have realised is that the less I scroll through other people’s content, the more ideas I come up with for my own, so weirdly it’s having the opposite effect to what I intend. I find that actually doing the work and using my brain then ends up in me having more ideas. 

Annoyingly that then makes me add to my to-do list but I guess if I’m spending less hours on my phone then I should be okay, right? 

So I want to make an active change for 2021 and start looking at my phone as something for business and less for leisure. I see people talking about how social media can be damaging to mental health etc but it’s different for me because it’s my job. I see things automatically in a different way. I guarantee that when you watch an advert or a TV show you think “oh that’s nice” whereas my brain analyses what music they used, what lighting there is and why, what they’re are about to say next and what outfit they chose to depict certain parts of that character and build the scene. I sometimes wish I could watch things like a ‘normal person’!

But I still wouldn’t change how my brain is as it’s brought me this far. It’s enabled me to see things in a way that other people don’t and in turn coming up with ideas that others wouldn’t. I am so lucky to have best friends around me that have businesses of their own, so we all form this little supportive girl gang helping each other along in any way that we can. 

So overall I think I just need to knuckle down and take from this year that anything is possible even when you’re locked inside your house. Everyone’s situation is different but for me it’s taught me that if I really get my head down instead of avoiding things then I can achieve so much more and the rewards are so worth it!

It feels like this year has just disappeared so I’m taking December to regroup and figure out what I want to concentrate on, and schedule my days so that I ACTUALLY get everything done, not just roll it over to the next day. Give myself some time off, maybe a weekend day or even something like a Wednesday! So I have time to do all those errand type things I normally try and squeeze in a busy day. 

Going into 2021 I guess it gives us a new chance to edit how we are back in the 'real world' and what we spend our time doing, as opposed to just going with it and not thinking about our time.

What are your goals for the new year and it is resolution based or more of a lifestyle change?

(p.s I haven’t even figured out how I’m going to fit the gym into all of that either……..)

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