Reasons I WILL Be Watching Love Island 2019

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So here we are again, that time of the year when the infamous Love Island starts again and graces our screens every night for 8 weeks. Beautiful, tanned, waxed and polished singletons enter a sunny villa in the hope of finding love, fame, money, a good time or whatever else they desire. I didn't watch the show last year as it hit a little close to home after taking part in the show in 2017. I came out with anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia following the extreme change in lifestyle, public recognition and ultimately 0 career.

Then came the death of one of my co-stars, Mike. I will say I didn't spend any time with him in the villa, and only met up with him at the reunion party and again in Southampton during his PA, in both situations he was a lovely humble person. But that didn't make it any easier to hear about such a tragic end of a life. I can only begin to understand what he was going through that led him to such an act and my heart goes out to all of his family and friends. I chose not to speak to the press at the time and I still wouldn't. It's not my place, nor do I wish to bash the show that we took part in, all willingly, however naive we were at the time.

The show then got a super bad rep for young people taking their lives and a whole other host of issues but we can't kid ourselves and say this was the only thing to blame. So why will I be watching the show this year?

Well firstly, after two years post villa I have built up my business and other avenues, meaning the complete drop back to reality after the show has subsided a little. Instead of watching the show and resenting it, I can now watch it and enjoy it just like everyone else (sigh of relief!). I also think that everyone entering now can never blame the show for their post Island feelings. Now everything is out in the open and this set of contestants is 100% more educated than we were two years ago. 

I didn't think I was going to enjoy the cast (bar Tommy Fury obviously, he is just a DREAM) but I am really liking a few of them. Amy and Curtis are so down to earth and lovely, Lucie is just a cool girl and well they will mostly all grow on us as the weeks go on. On social media I have seen way less 'judgey' comments and a lot more about their personalities and situations which is a huge step forward.

CAREER GOALS! This year 90% of the cast have extremely difficult degrees, good careers and a good head on their shoulders. It's great to glorify a 'lifestyle' but this lot are really paving the way for reality stars to have a good education and a good solid career too.

If Casa Amor comes back for a third year I would really like to see the contestants being given more of a chance. None of us knew we would be in that situation and none of us wanted to be in that situation I can assure you, so giving them more of an opportunity to win over the hearts of the other contestants and the nation would be a massive plus for me.

Personally I am rooting for every one of them to get what they are looking for or wanting from the show and wish them all the best as it's a huge deal to be involved in the first place!

So I am going to continue sipping my tea (wine) and watching the events unfold! Chin Chin!!