Why You're Never Too Good for a Bar Job

I have always prided myself in the amount that I work, it's not everyones goal in life but it definitely is mine and I love feeling accomplished after it. When I was 14 I worked in a kids play area for £3.53 and hour, clearing up mess after kids, entertaining them in soft play and dealing with snarky parents. I did that for two years and then moved straight into a retail job at 16. There's no better way to put you off the human race than those two jobs let me tell you that .......

I have always had at least one job, sometimes 3 at the same time and whatever the job is I always just think that money is money at the end of the day and you can never have too much of it. When I was at university, I was studying and working in TkMaxx and a bar at night. I didn't get much sleep and some might say I was crazy but I loved it and I was able to support myself with even less of a student loan that everyone else (mainly because they gave me the wrong amount but that's besides the point).

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My point is that nowadays with lots of things being posted over social media about peoples lives, there is a strange wave of thought in our society that some jobs are just beneath people. When I was 14 I didn't care what job I had, just that I had one and I think in recent years an odd sense of entitlement has come around to make us think we have to be an oil tycoon or a famous YouTuber to have any kind of credibility. 

I have struggled and strived with my business for over 3 years now and I still am not in a position where I can sit back and relax. I don't think that's something that's ever really possible when you have your own business! I do also get bored very easily, and I realised recently that I had more free time and was using it to procrastinate rather than create. 

So I started a VIP hostess job at a bar close to me and guess what the reaction was........

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I get a lot of people that know me or recognise me in the bar saying, "so how come you work .... here?!" and the disgust in their voices is very hard to ignore. But luckily it doesn't phase me. I think as soon as you decide a job is too beneath you then you're on a very bad path. The best bosses and managers are the ones that understand how it feels to be in every job position. For example how will a good bar manager know how to run it well if they haven't ever had contact with their customers over the bar? It just doesn't seem to work without that missing link. 

I have some amazing opportunities and go to some of the most glam events and places, but that doesn't mean I am in any way too 'good' or 'above' any other jobs. Yes there may be some that are much more unpleasant than others and some that I would want to do more than others but every little helps and it's impossible for me to say "I don't need that extra money". I enjoy my bar job and even if only for a few hours, it means I can fill up my car with petrol or treat myself to a takeaway!

I don't think I will ever not have that drive to work and I also don't think I will ever care that much what the job is if I get too bored!!! Get those side hustles going......