Reasons Summer Gives Me Serious FOMO

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I am and always will be a Winter baby, even though my birthday is in July there is just something about the cosy Winter that makes me so happy. In Summer I always find that I am chasing that 'something to do' when everyone tells you you should be outside. I haven't had a garden since I was 17 years old and I am now almost 25 ...... yes that's a long time! I also don't really like grass so sitting in parks isn't really my thing either, as well as the fact of having to find a park to sit in and not look like a complete weirdo on my own......

Where I work mostly from home, I also always find myself getting huge cabin fever because I feel like the benefits of working remotely is that you can go anywhere you want. For me, anywhere except the sun (ugh!). I have a wonderful gym membership in the Southampton Harbour Hotel that I love SO much, but I definitely don't spend enough time as I should on the sun loungers, mainly because I feel like I should be working ... So moral of the story, when I'm working I feel like I should be in the sun, and when I'm in the sun I feel like I should be working! Doh!

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However one of my favourite Summer hobbies is (shock) drinking wine, and I like to do so in a chilled bar with preferably outside seating. I hold a place in my heart for Olive as lots of people said this certain area in Southampton could never take a more upper class bar and I always disagreed until FINALLY Olive opened and my prayers were answered. 

So let's see if I can find some things to do during the rest of the hot days we have left this year!! What will you be up to?

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Top/Bodysuit £7.99 - FemmeLuxeFinery  

Top £9.99 - FemmeLuxeFinery
Trousers £9.99 - FemmeLuxeFinery 

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