Style Edit: Tier 2021

"Public opinion is overrated" - not something we can say is completely true in 2020. So far it's been a year of fighting for BLM and filling social media and streets with people fighting for the rights of themselves and others. As well as trying to keep sane and stay safe, or making your public opinion completely know about the Coronavirus pandemic and voicing your views on the ways it's being dealt with by those around you and those in charge.

Social media has given us the chance to connect with people during this pandemic but I can pinpoint specific people with strong opinions that all may not agree with. With the new Tier system and the introduction of Tier 4 for some places, are we more disconnected than ever or is this the right time to pull together again?

I, like many other people have done research on the situation but we all research what’s relevant to us. Someone in a retail job with research the effects on shopping, a bartender will research the impact on bars and clubs closing in all Tiers not just the higher ones, and many many people will be worried about their jobs and future security.

It’s a scary time but do we still have the chance to enjoy a Christmas and New Year at all? I turned 26 this year and aside from the New Year in 2000 I can’t remember a bigger benchmark. The ‘Coronavirus New Year’. No parties, family gatherings or going out with friends to see in the new year. Maybe this will be a good time for us all to reflect on how the year has gone for us and how strong and resilient we really are? In the face of everything we managed to be one of the lucky ones to make it to the end of the year?

I like to keep my channels mainly to fashion but also lifestyle, and it would be silly to think that this hasn’t affected people’s lifestyles in any way.

When it comes to fashion alone, I’ve spent the majority of the year in loungewear (most of it from FemmeLuxeFinery) when usually I would be wearing heels or at least heeled boots most days. I’m lucky I get to go into an office for a few days a week to actually get some wear out of my clothes but I kind of feel like I’m constantly planning outfits for other days. 

My whole collection of evening dresses has completely been dethroned, and slouchy joggers and matching stretch co-ords replace them. Warm jumpers and very occasionally jeans to go to the shops for my M&S loots, but still rarely a heel. I moved my entire apartment around this weekend to make room for the fact I’m spending more time in bed and adding another chest of drawers to fill with all my online purchases I’m hoping I’ll get to wear at some point.

But back to opinions…. The fact that I’m choosing to purchase more clothes in a time where some people are losing their jobs could be deemed as selfish or stupid, or could I just be living within my current means, with something that isn’t up for public debate? Or is everything up for public debate? 

It’s hard to think of a situation where the kind of thing some people share on social media would be appropriate to say to someones face, so just because it’s online does that make it okay?

But lets talk about Tier 2021. What it’s going to be like in one of the most important years I can think of bar world wars, whether we can save an entire world economy and many lives. Whether we can stick together or will public opinion tear us apart. Whether we will get to hug our families or will we all be purchasing more and more takeaways because we can’t face loosing another local restaurant. 

I really hope that in the new year we all do pull together and just try to live with each-others views, with a mind to keep ourselves and everyone else safe too. And try to think next time you see an opinion on social media that you don’t agree with, people are sharing their own reality and opinions, and you share yours. Be kind. 

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