Why I Became a Blogger


Being a blogger seems to be a dying trend, I hope that's not true but it may be. When it started, it was a great way to share your stories and views, but sometimes I think that as our attention spans have gotten shorter and video is the way forward, we have lost the ability to take in the words and use our imaginations. 

When I was a kid I used to have diaries. I would get SO excited to go to Paperchase and choose a new notebook and fill it all with the musings of a young girl. But somewhere around 15 it started to tail off into a list of the things I did that day rather than anything actually viable or interesting. It ended up that the notebooks were gathering dusts and the diaries got lost somewhere never to be found again, but the internet gave me a new lease of life and I started my first blog around 17. I continued on and off but never really properly opened up and talked about my view on things that I really care about.

I wanted to help my city, where I am from and all of the small businesses in it that I am passionate about and I have done that and continue to do so. I love it and it's really what I enjoy. I had a reading age way above average when I was in school and was 1 mark off an A in my English GCSE. I loved writing and the imaginative world it put you in whilst writing or reading it. The storytelling, which I try to incorporate into everything I do, is my favourite part about it. 

I wanted to be an author, or work at a magazine or write for a website and having my own platform and a blog helped me to be able to do that on my own. But with all of that I don't feel like I've used it properly. I decided that I would focus mainly on fashion but I realise that's only one part of me. 

The rest of me is messy and complicated and has so much more vulnerability. I have views on so many things, I can give advise, I can help with businesses, I can offer my thoughts on huge life decisions and here is where I can share that.

It seems nowadays that a 'blogger' is just someone who posts photos to Instagram, but in reality we are so much more than that. We have to be wordsmith's and people that can keep a reader going until the end of the article, just like in a magazine. What you do with your words are what matters and sometime telling people exactly how you're feeling or what you're going through can resonate with other people and they too can feel like they're not the only one. 

Since starting Fully Booked and reading much more often, I've regained a love for writing and the way it can make you feel. How it can push you to questions parts of your own life or simply just take you away into anothers, relieving you from any worries or stress you may be having. And that's how I hope my blog to be sometimes. A world you can just step into, like shoes, of my own to escape anything you may be feeling.

As well as sharing things about fashion and style and life, I want to be a leader in changing perceptions of women, perceptions of careers and business and parts of life we don't necessarily talk about all the time. 

It might be about the outfits but also the people inside the outfits, what that outfit or pair of shoes means to you. Whether it marks a point in your life or simply just makes you feel good. We all feel things and I think we can forget that other people are feeling things too.

So that's my why. I have so many things I want to share, so many subjects to talk about and I really want to share that with you or anyone else who wants to listen. I hope I'll see you along the journey!

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