*Bespoke Skincare with Clinique Allure

If you've followed me for a while, you'll know that my skin has always been a huge issue for me. Ever since Love Island I was so conscious of my skin being super on show, I even spent half my time in the villa in the dressing room re-applying makeup. There was nothing I could do about it!

After a few years of doctors appointments they finally let me on roaccutane (which was a whole journey in itself) and after about 9 months it cleared up thank goodness! Now for me it's all about reducing the look of the scarring and also keeping my skin in good condition beneath just the surface layers to avoid any further complications. 

Bespoke treatments are the way forward for me so I went down to Clinique Allure (in Southampton or Winchester) to have my face tested and treated for what it needed! 

Also .... freckles are sun damage?! Who knew!

Firstly the details of my treatment - Which products & platforms were used. Bespoke Medi-Facial:


1. Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Cleanser
2. Saian Strawberry Cleanser


1. Image Skincare Balancing Antioxidant Serum
2. Saian Pure Hyaluronic Acid


1. Image Skincare Balancing Bio-peptide Crème

Eye Cream:

1. Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel


1. Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Gel Mask
2. Image Skincare Ormedic Lip Enhancement Complex (Lip Balm)

Medical platforms used:

Skin Scan Analysis
TriPollar Radiofrequency
Oxygenation & Exfoliation
Electronic skin scrubber
LightStim LED Light Therapy

1. Surface Mode;

Showing just below the skins surface into the underside of the epidermis. Here we can view the skin colour under the epidermis & the microvascular structure - Revealing irregular skin features beneath the skins surface.

2. Woods Mode;

Here the distribution of active sebaceous glads & oil film can be seen by light spectrum. The intensity & depth of inflammation around the sebaceous glands can be observed, the chloasma.

3. Sensitivity Mode;

Healthy skin in sensitive mode is pinky white. Due to inflammation, acne, extrusion & other reasons, local punctate red symptoms are at the bottom of the skin, which need therapy.

We can see here that you have 2-3 areas present.

4. Brown Mode;

In this mode it is clear to see the distribution of melanin in the skin. Melanin analysis can be used to analyse the types of pigmentation spots can be treated & what treatment to treat them with.

5. Forecast Mode;

This mode is designed to give you an indication of how your skin will look in time. This is produced by combining the facial analysis of all the modes, calculating then the distribution & state of future facial blemishes, and forecast their future development.

6. Black & White Mode;

Here we can clearly view the trend of sunlight spots (pigmentation), the trend of photo-ageing, & the distribution of pore hygiene, which can be used to prevent prevent skin problems.

Recommended Skincare Steps ;

1) Cleanse

2) Moisturise

3) SPF

4) Treatment 1 x per week

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*This treatment was gifted but all views and skin (lol) are my own