*A Mud Rasul Spa Day at Southampton Harbour Hotel

The biggest thing I've learned over the last couple of years when it comes to self care, is that we HAVE to look after ourselves and take time out every now and then. It's impossible to think that we can just run on 100% without ever just stopping to recharge. We charge our phones everyday so why don't we do something to recharge our bodies every day? 

I have added much more of a focus on health, taking my vitamins etc on a strict schedule each evening. As well as looking after my body with all of the sports I do. One place that never fails to relax me is the Southampton Harbour Hotel. I have been a member/ambassador for the hotel for YEARS (basically since it opened) and I honestly love it, it feels like a home from home. 

As well as the gym, they have a beautiful terrace to relax and sunbathe on, a relaxation room, a hot tub and pool, a steam and sauna and also Yoga which I've taken to going once a week now! The one thing I have never tried in all my time there is the Mud Rasul. Open to people visiting on a spa day, members, or just as a bookable experience on it's own, you get a 60 minute treatment for a fraction of the price of the other treatments on the menu (and wow, there are a LOT!). 

The Mud Room is located just off to the side of the pool, and you can pop in and pay anytime if it's available but they do recommend booking to make sure you're not disappointed. All of the details are available on request also so just drop them a phone call or an email to check the availability.  

You start off by popping your robes and towels into a little entrance way, and then pressing the button to start the experience (it's timed based on what happens in the room!). You then have time to apply the salt scrub which goes on first, and helps your skin to absorb the mud afterwards. It all smells amazing and we wished we could have taken it home! 

You the apply the mud all over and make sure you reaaaalllyyy lather it on! It has lots of amazing skin improving properties to tighten and soften and all-sorts so the more the merrier. 

You then sit in the room and let the mud do it's work and if you've timed it right, the steam will start to fill the room once you've settled in to relax. Then just enjoy the steam and let the mud do it's thing, and before long it will be time for Niagara falls ...... The water will shower down from the ceiling and all of the mud will be washed off.. You can kind of just sit there with your eyes shut like a sit down shower! 

Then you can always use the small showers provided to wash off any other mud and your treatment is complete. 

We stopped off for lunch afterwards in the spa cafe and I just love how healthy everything is, they even have some cool fruit juices as well. We opted for the salmon but the lunches start from around £10 and is kind of a buffet style pick and choose. You can sit in the cafe or if it's a really nice day, there is a separate terrace with tables so that you can sit outside and soak up the views. 

If you're interested in the experience, the prices are Monday - Thursday £30pp or Friday/Saturday/Sunday £40pp and you don't need to be a member! (no spa access included, spa pass must also be purchased if wanting to use the facilities before/after)

Let me know if you go down and have the treatment!

*experience was gifted as part of an ongoing ambassadorship with Southampton Harbour Hotel