Summer Styling 2022

So let's be realistic, we all know Summer is by no means my favourite season, however I do need to leave the house, work etc during this season so nonetheless I need to get dressed a few times. I do love a good summer dress but to be honest, I hate being too hot so choosing the right outfits are really a big deal for me. I don't often wear dresses any other time than the Summer but I love getting dressed up for dinner because why the hell not! 

I'm also learning to inject some colour into my wardrobe however most things I'm ordering at the moment seem to have a brown, beige tone to them ........

Cycling shorts are something I have a love hate relationship with but I guess only because I don't have many things to pair them with. I bought a sleeveless tie up top last year and actually find them so comfy, so when I saw this orange tie top on Femme Luxe, I thought it was a good idea to try a long sleeved version. I love that I can pair this with jeans and heels for a bottomless brunch vibe, or cycle shorts and trainers for that 'pop to the shop' vibe. It's a solid yes from me.

Realistically, we live in the UK and it's not blazing sunny and hot all of the time, so having options like this that I can mix and match is a good way to try and get the most out of my wardrobe. 

This next blue dress I actually have in a total of about 5 colours (all I believe still available on the website) and I absolutely love it as a go-to dress. It's super comfortable and versatile to dress up up or a little more casual. When I saw this blue colour, I realised I had actually had my nails painted the exact same colour (and I normally get beige or grey) so it was kind of a no brainer to get this one as well. If you don't have this in any colour ways I implore you to try at least one of the dresses! It's so versatile and although it is figure hugging, it has a lot of stretch and is still flattering in many sizes. 

Strangely, I don't have that many simple black dresses but they are a great staple to have especially when you don't know what to expect venue wise. Don't you just hate that when you have to go somewhere and you don't know what the vibe is? You have no idea what to wear, whether to dress up or down and it gets stressful and you panic pick something weird and feel uncomfortable. Yeah me too.....

Well a little black dress is always a great choice so having a few in the wardrobe is always a smart decision and you'll thank yourself later. This has some mesh detailing making it a little bit more interesting but also subtly different. 

And last but by absolutely no means least, this beautiful satin wine-red number with diamante straps has stolen my heart. Not that I have anywhere to wear it yet however I'm sure I can come up with an occasion for this beauty. it's tight enough around the bust that you don't feel like you're going to fall out of it and the fit around the body is just beautiful, plus it's one of my favourite colours. Paired with simple black heels and a black evening bag it makes for a really great entrance. 

They have such a large selection of dresses and they always fit so well (in my experience!) so I kind of trust that when I've picked the right one for my body and what I like wearing, I's guaranteed to look good. 

Let me know if you have a look on the website and choose any of the outfits either featured in this post or just in general. I'd love to see what you get and how you wear it! 

Shop all of the collections on Femmeluxe and take a peek at the new in section of the dresses.

*all outfits were gifted for purpose of promotions but all styling and opinions are my own