6 August Looks from Femme Luxe

So here we are again, the end of another month and to be honest the end (almost) of the best Summer I’ve experienced in a long time. This coupled with the fact it’s the first year I’ve worked festival’s intermittently instead of working a sports event every weekend, I feel as though I’ve experienced life a bit more this year. Who knew I’d love camping so much as an adult like I did as a kid!

On the outfit front, I, probably alike many others haven’t had a chance to actually wear most of them because I’ve either been in shorts and a vest melting in the heat or in a summer dress in the garden. It doesn’t lend itself well to putting layers together and wanting fussy jewellery when all you want to do is sit in the fridge. September is ALWAYS my favourite month and my friends and family know this well. There’s just something about the new beginnings, the smell of fresh crisp air and the sunshine with a little nip in the breeze. I love it, always have always will. The majority of the summer outfits I didn’t get to wear the last couple of months can definitely be worn with a little addition of a cardigan or blazer to make them Autumn appropriate! Plus I love layering and LIVE for chunky boots so they will be back out as soon as I can get away with it.

Dresses will always be something I loathe to get rid of. I hate the thought of wearing something only a couple of times and then it becomes fodder in my wardrobe or sits on Depop for a year. I like that the Femme Luxe Dresses are affordable (even though still fast fashion mind) so they are more likely to be sold on or worn a few more times. Maybe passed to friends without need for giving it back or lent out a couple of wears before getting it back and feeling like it’s new again. Plus FemmeLuxe dresses always fit so well and get the most compliments. Plus I only really buy my daily clothes second hand so they tend to be the only things I get from new.

I have to get more adventurous with my shoe choices as I’m sure like you, I just reach for the trusty few pairs that I know go with everything when a little more effort could go towards putting something more special together (especially with the amount of shoes I have!). I need to make more of a conscious effort to explore my wardrobe a lot more and feel confident in the more unusual choices, instead of reaching for the same vest top/shirt and jeans or tracksuit combo. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, especially on no makeup days! But I do feel guilty when I see it all and realise I haven’t divulged into the enjoyment of putting together clothes for a while.

I also managed to nab a few of my missing Vogue magazines thankfully from one of my amazing clients. I’ve been collecting British Vogue every month for just over 10 years and there were a few editions I was missing from perhaps crossovers in subscription times etc. but whilst re-organising them a couple of weeks back, I’ve managed to recoup some! Although it did make me realise that I’ve never actually read a single one of them cover to cover, only flicking through the images and editorials or using them for work. So I pledge to try and read one edition per month starting from roughly 2010 (wish me luck).
So however we are going into Autumn, remember to keep checking in on your self care, spending time setting yourself up for the week when you need to, eating your vegetables and staying hydrated.
Links for all the outfits in this blogpost of course are below and let me know which one you like best in the comments!

Grey Long Sleeve Oversized Pocket Style Blazer - Eletheal:

Black Plunge Cut Out Lace Up Racer Bodycon Mini Dress - Lilah:

Teal Satin High Waisted Wide Leg Trousers - Luz:

Black Ruched Front Tie Cold Shoulder Bodysuit Style Mesh Skirt Dress - Vada:

White Halter Neck Bodycon Midi Dress - Paisley:

Black Cold Shoulder Long Sleeve Cut Out Mini Dress - Maya:

*all items gifted for the purpose of promotion. All views/images/styling my own.