Autumn Breeze

My absolute favourite season of all is FINALLY here and I could not be happier. It's been a mega busy Summer for me and I've barely had a second to breath for at least 4 months, it's really started to take its toll. I am so very much looking forward to cosy nights in with cinnamon scented candles and fluffy socks. I have already watched a couple of my favourite comfort films over the last week to get me in the mood and have started to wind down with events and meals out etc, just to give me a little recovery time.

Something I've been dead set on this year is making sure I pursue things that I love doing and that make me truly happy. I've done a lot of work on myself ver the last couple of years since my sudden introduction to panic disorder and anxiety, I've really come a long way. But now feels like the right time to really start taking care of my inner child. That trend on TikTok where people post a video of their "wish I could..." quote and then an image of them when they were a kid looking at what they do now and how amazing it is. It always makes me emotional and rather than repelling that I want to feed into it more, what can I really do that my inner child will love?

It may sound silly, but things like Disney World, Harry Potter World, days out, kids films and everything similar are giving me so much joy and I feel like I've found what my idea of 'fun' actually is. Plus after starting figure skating in February of 2022, and upping that into a full time sport for me (well 3 days a week), I am realising that actually, I wish I did more of it. Not that I have enough time to do literally anything else but breathe and eat. That being said I have booked myself a ballet class and I am really loving the idea of colder Winter evenings in the warmth of a ballet studio practicing my turnout and 2nd position. 

As we transition into Autumn outfits, we bring back the classics like cosy jumpers, black leggings, fluffy scarves and layering. Yes that's right, we get to LAYER again!!! Something I really miss in Summer is all the different things we get to put on at once in the colder season. If I think back to my younger years I used to crave that time I could put on my vintage cardigans and chunky boots. It was the 'Tumblr' era and I LOVED it. 

But for now at least, I have to come to terms with the fact that it is still warmer a lot of the time so these outfits here are my transitional ones to get me through to pure sweater weather. As you may have recognised, the black dress I wore in my last blogpost I have on here as a bodysuit. I loved it so much I wanted a more casual version I could wear with a skirt (as seen here) or with jeans, boots and a baggy shirt or denim jacket. I think I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this one! 

Then we come to my silky 90's girlband number. I was amazed as soon as I put on the top that I had suddenly just transformed into Scary Spice, all I needed was a leopard print skirt ha! I've paired it with jeans here but this could also be very versatile, and I'm thinking that when I need a little more warmth, I can pop a long sleeved high neck top underneath. *layering*

Throughout the summer I've been enjoying the short sleeved mini dresses, or longer dresses with all the décolletage but for the bitter evenings when it's gone from warm to absolutely baltic, a longer sleeved dress is what I reach for. These are like a little hug when you need it after a few drinks, but still all dressed up. This white one is also actually not see-through, which is a bonus when you're wearing such a colour!

Then lastly we come to the jumper dress, lightweight and comfortable, a great one that's not going to make you sweat just yet, and can be worn with sandals to take you through those 'not sure what the weather is doing' type days. 

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