3 New Restaurants to Visit In Southampton

It will come as no surprise that I love food. I have opened up a little about my struggles with food (here) but to be honest I have always loved it and going out for dinner is a really enjoyable experience for me. I love trying new places, getting dressed up to go out and spending time with people whilst getting to eat amazing food at the same time. I am lucky enough that with my job I do get to try most of the places in town and around it, but there are some new places that I have tried recently that I feel like sometimes fly under the radar and deserve some attention. 

Choosing somewhere to go to eat can sometimes feel like an impossible task especially when there are so many places to choose from. Considering it's my job to know about places, even for me it becomes a mammoth task when you have to choose ONE out of all the possible opportunities. Hopefully this will give you 3 restaurants in Southampton to try out and add to your list!

Figurati Southampton

Ocean Village has some of the prettiest views in the city. It's right on the waterfront and where all of the big bougie boats moor up. As well as having great views, the fresh air is a great break from the city centre bustle and noise. A new-ish addition to the waterfront is Figurati, a modern Italian restaurant with a very Soho House vibe interior. The cosy velvet seats and plant decor makes it feel suave but also cosy at the same time. I have tried so many things off the menu and finally hit on my favourites the other day. I love the Burrata and also the Roasted Squash, a really good find on the menu. 'Figurati' in Italian can mean a number of things in modern slang, from "don't worry about it", "imagine that" and "that figures" which all lend themselves well to the cosy chilled vibe of the venue. 

They have an extensive wine list also with a great bartender that can recommend a new addition, a food pairing or my favourite, the Chenin Blanc. And that's not forgetting the fanciful cocktail menu with showmanship to boot..... (top photo is also Figurati)

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The Olive Tree

Sticking with the Ocean Village theme, another new-ish restaurant on the waterfront is The Olive Tree. I only went here recently for dinner and wine, then went back again for lunch so that I could try the different things on the menu. Gnocchi with squash (seems to be a solid option for me now) was my choice of dinner and it was really enjoyable, especially paired with a nice red wine, I think it was a Pinot Noir. Then when going back for lunch, I chose the healthy superfood salad with added prawns and some sweet potato fries which I am not shying away from after seeing the nutritional value of them! I love the vibe in this place with some cosy tables for a date night and some larger tables for friends, even a table inside a treehouse and a whole upstairs you can hire for events!

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Késarum Bistro

A little left field for the last one! Ever heard of plant-based Indian? Well Késarum Bistro is a brand new modern Indian restaurant with seasonal menu. A new independent business, this place does not skrimp on anything. The menu is designed to give you all of the information about the food, as well as introducing you to new flavours and combinations. It's incredibly well presented and so much time and effort is taken in the preparation and presentation, and the flavours are just amazing. They also serve luxury vegan organic wines to pair with the food from the beautifully presented bar. Something different so why not give it a try!

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So there you have three new restaurant recommendations in Southampton! Let me know if you try any of them and what you think..... Or just have fun trying them all and eating your way through the city like me.