What is 'Feminine Energy'?

It’s easy to assume that when talking about something like ‘feminine answer’ that there would be a bullet pointed list of what it does and doesn’t consist of. When I google ‘what is feminine energy’ I get a whole page of results supposedly telling you how to get more of it and get into it. But what is *it* exactly? And is it the same for everyone or should we really be feeling our own divine energy rather than what someone tells us ‘it’ is? It’s not new news that I am studying a degree in psychology and spend and inordinate amount of time reading, watching and listening to anything and everything on subjects on the brain, society, psychology in every realm possible as well as the divine, manifesting, tarot and the likes. So what have I learned so far in my exploration….

Well the first thing it’s taught me is there is not really one answer to literally anything when it comes to psychology and people. For example things can be genetic (in terms of mental health) but also a strong environmental impact can basically change your genetic makeup, and if you were to then pass on those genes downward, you have changed the structure to that of who inherits them. It’s crazy to me that there is more of a focus on genetic predispositions than what goes on in peoples’ environments and their minds that could actually help them more than taking a tablet.

Anyway that’s sightly off topic but seriously, everyone is more of a product of their environment than their genes for the most part. So when it comes to something like ‘feminine energy’ and the weight we place on a generalised phrase like that, it’s easy to see how different people could interpret it differently. For some, it could be flowers and sunlight, floral dresses and the colour pink. For others it’s merely feeling comfortable in their own skin and feeling in tune with oneself. Obviously in previous years there was a very defined way of looking at male and female (energy included) but as we grow to understand each other more we realise that humans are very complex and for the most part, extremely fluid. There is so much that goes back to Ancient Greek Goddesses and divine beings that could also feed into this but in the interest of keeping it short, I wonder in a modern day-to-day lifestyle, what do we deem ‘Feminine Energy’? Especially seeing as it has absolutely nothing to do with gender or physical biology.

“The core of feminine energy is a creation out of thin air. Unlike the masculine energy, the feminine energy doesn’t need to apply 10-step to manifestation. She embodies the frequency of that which she wishes to experience and then she attracts like a magnet. Nothing can resist her magnetising nature, and thus it must be hers. Hence the feminine energy doesn’t need to get out to the world to get it. It comes her way.” – medium.com

Doesn’t that just scream absolute confidence in oneself? It’s not to say that the masculine energy is something to be scoffed at, but it seems in a general sense that the feminine energy embodies the feelings and the manifestations rather than just the physical world. It makes me think of phrases like ‘trusting the universe’. But as well as this it encompasses feeling a whole range of emotions, including those that are uncomfortable but are needed in order to grow and become this ethereal self. It’s soft and nurturing in nature and is all about standing in your own power, however that feels to you. There is no right or wrong way to embrace this an as I mentioned earlier, everyone experience will be different based on your environment that can feed into your views, morals, expression (none of which is fixed and can be just as fluid).

So I’m interested to ask, what makes you feel like you’re in your ‘feminine energy’? Are there moments where you feel most connected to yourself and your feelings and can you recognise when you are utilising your masculine energy or feminine energy? (Please remember that these are not gender specific). Let me know in the comments below!

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