Pretty Dresses or Sports Luxe?


It will be of no surprise to any of you that my fashion changes quite a lot. I can go from being sporty and comfortable to Kardashian glam in an instant and honestly the freedom that gives me it great, but the non-existent space in my wardrobe would not agree..... I have had to add an extra set of drawers to put all of my gym/sports/tracksuit clothes in and honestly I am already running out of more space considering all of the sports I have taken up and the contrast between everything for that and my usual wardrobe. Everyone likes to have comfy clothes but I have to have like 4 different sports worth of outfits and it's * crazy *. 

Although, saying that I do actually enjoy all of the different outfits I wear for each sport and I get to change up what I wear quite often. In the morning I could be in gym wear skating, then going to meetings in my casual/luxe chic day wear and then changing into my leotard, tights and baggy shorts for ballet. There are so many aesthetics it's hard for even me to keep up! 

Sometimes I do beg for the day I can have a week off and dress up all week long. A lot of my heels and fancy shoes are going neglected because of all of the evenings I spend in a dance studio or on a tennis court. I used to be at nice restaurants in my big heels but nowadays if I get a second free I'm wearing my cosy lounge sets and watching Grey's Anatomy or re-runs of The Kardashians. It doesn't stop be buying clothes though, because in my head, I still need them. Obviously. 

When it comes to dresses, I am not a particularly floral peplum kind of gal. I like them to be kind of sultry and sexy but not too OTT as super girly doesn't suit me and never has. My personality is bold and loud rather than light and airy so I have to feel comfortable that my clothes are also matching that rather than dressing in a way that gives off the wrong personality for me. 

When it comes to what I CHOOSE to wear, to be honest it depends what mood I am in. I recently met Shakaila Forbes-Bell who wrote a book about Fashion Psychology (linked below) and it talks about how fashion can improve or affect your mood, as well as how you see yourself so as much as it is just a 'daily task' to get dressed, we have the conscious choice to say, what is this really saying about me? How am I thinking about what I am wearing today? Does this make me feel confident, comfortable, both? Things like what colours you wear can change your mood, and this also affects those around you too! So as much as people mock the fashion industry as being pointless or materialistic, there is actually science behind the mental impact of our clothes. 

A little black dress is always something that most people find empowering and comfortable (if you're into dresses of course) and it really is a go to. So to have a few of them in the closet is of utmost importance, especially if you want to have it as a fallback option but still want to dress for your mood. Long sleeved ones say 'dinner and wine' and short sleeved ones say 'girls night and cocktails'. I have a few LBD's and do actually pull them out, as well as lending them to friends who have had a tantrum with their own wardrobe (relatable). Then when it comes to my sports side, I have been obsessed with was or puffer jackets for the longest time and I have an embarrassingly large amount of them. This cropped puffer jacket had a detachable hood which I never knew I needed until now. Rain? No problem pop it on. Sunny and the hood is in the way? No problem pop it off. Magical. 

Let's try and stop me from buying many more clothes because I really don't need them and also I need to wear the ones that I DO have before that ........ you can shop the post below and thankyou for reading!